Monday, April 25, 2011

Indiana Floods 2011

Rain and thunderstorms continue to hit the southern Indiana region this week. School is on a 2 hour delay today due to flooding and road closures. I have not seen this many roads closed in southern Indiana ever. More storms are on the way so we have not even seen the worst of it yet. Guess it's not so bad if you were a duck!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

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Indiana Mushrooms are Here

This year has been quite a blessing when it comes to morel mushrooms. I was walking around the house the other day and what do you think was standing right by my house, yes a white tasty morel mushroom. Never have I found an edible mushroom in my yard until this year. We have found them by the bags full and the local buyer quit buying them because they are so plentiful in southern Indiana. If you have not been mushroom hunting yet, now is the time to go. It wont be long and they will be gone for the year. The only drawback are the ticks. Be sure to wear some kind of repellent. They are awful this year. I picked 103 ticks off the little one after one mushroom hunting trip so we learned our lesson the hard way. They don't like vinegar and garlic so be sure to put it all over you!