Sunday, March 27, 2011

Camping Season Begins

Warm weather pushed in with the opening of Spring Break and the camping fever set in. We took advantage of the 70 degree weather and took a hike out on the KT. Better known as the Knobstone Trail. After a brief hike and loaded down with camping gear we set up for camp as we watched the wildlife and enjoyed the forest. We met a group of hikers pressing on through the woods as they enjoyed the KT also. This is just the beginning of a great year as long as the weather holds out.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mushroom Hunting Season

It's that time of the year the grass gets green,the snakes crawl out and the mushrooms pop up! My son's friend went mushroom hunting and found one. Yes one black morel. So with the thought of a morel actually surfacing brings out mushroom hunters across the state. Hoping for a bag of shrooms myself we ventured to the woods for a slight chance to find a few. No morels yet just some signs that it wont be long.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Church Lessons

We attended a local church today and I was quite impressed with the sermon. The preacher talked of a boy who said his dad was a great dad who didn't drink,smoke or do drugs,attended church on Sundays and Wednesday. One day his dad brought home a friend who stood for all those bad things and invited it to move in. The son just couldn't understand why the dad would allow such bad things to be moved into their family. Later that son figured out as he went to visit others that they too had a friend who did all those worldy things living with them too. Would you guess he was talking about a television? What do tv's usually promote? Sex,violence,drugs and alcohol. It was a very interesting sermon that is for sure!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Nutella Mommy Parties

Let the party begin! I love parties and what makes a better party than Nutella The original hazelnut spread. I received a party pack from Mommy Parties for a product named Nutella. I must admit I had never tried this product before but was excited to try it and share it with my friends and family. Fed-ex showed up and there it was, my party pack. So excited I opened my package to find a great Nutella Party kit ready to be put together. I immediatly got on the phone and started buzzing about this new product to find out some of my friends had heard of the product but had never tried it either. They were just as excited as I was to try it out too! I read through the information packet and looked through the kit. There were Nutella sample packs and coupons,Nutella tumbler mugs, (biodegradable may I add),Nutella spreaders,Nutella breakfast tip cards,Nutella advertorial and a info card. Well I like to spread parties out so it wont be just one day of delicious fun with Nutella.

We started the sampling process already and so far we have recieved 3 for sure likes out of 3. I have begin putting the party bags together and my friends are thrilled to try the new product along with their very own samples too.
The Nutella Hazelnut Spread with Skim milk and Cocoa has over 100 hazelnuts per jar,contains No artificial colors and No Artificial Preservatives! If you have never tried this product like I, you will be suprised when you open the package, it looks like a big jar of Chocolate. I am a chocolate lover and to me it had this delicous chocolate flavor that just melts in your mouth. Now tell the kids they are having Nutella for breakfast and they love it! My kids say "Can I have some more?" An example of a tasty yet balanced breakfast includes a glass of skim milk,orange juice and Nutella with whole wheat bread. Simple to prepare and a big hit with most everyone!

Disclaimer: I received free Nutella Party Products for my party and review. All opinions in this post are mine.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teeth Pulled Today

I went to the dentist today and got 3 teeth pulled. I found out I have to get all my upper teeth pulled. I have been in a lot of pain with my teeth over the last few years and will be happy to just get them pulled out. We are using our tax refund to get some dental work done and will have enough to get upper dentures too. I will be glad when this is all over with. Getting your teeth pulled out is no picnic!