Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Negative Pregnancy Test

Just an update for those who follow my blog to let you know I took another home pregnancy test yesterday and it was still faintly positive.  I continued to have bleeding yesterday though and the positive pregnancy test was probably just from leftover hcg still in my body as it doesn't just disappear over night when you have a miscarriage.  So a day later I take another pregnancy test and sure enough it was negative.  So I lost the baby.  This is never easy and only helps when I put it all in God's hands and remember let not my will but his be done. 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Update on Pregnancy

While I am sitting here on bed rest I thought I would update you on the pregnancy.  A couple of days ago I started spotting.  Not much just a little here and there.  It got worse to the point I felt like I was having a period.  I have had bad pain in my stomach and took a couple of Tylenol to try and ease the pain.  The bleeding has continued and I should be 7 weeks pregnant today.  I had went to the Care pregnancy center and got confirmation that I was 6 weeks pregnant just last week.  I also signed up for the WIC program and when they tested my iron levels they were low at 9.  So the bleeding is not going to help that any either.  Until I can make a Dr. Appointment next week I am trying to be on bed rest.  Easier said then done.  When there is laundry and dishes to do and kids that want to eat you just have to get up and do it no matter how you feel.  Unless you have a maid that is :)  Updates to follow soon.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Cockatiels Hatching

We have baby Cockatiels Hatching!  Lots more to hatch but the first one is already here.  It is so cute thought I would share with the rest of you!  The bottom photo shows the proud parents.