Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February coming to and end

Well it's the end of February and snow is flying again. Cold and snowy thats the forcast for today. I keep telling myself think spring, I know it is right around the corner. So I guess I will enjoy the last snow flakes with a smile.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Love Bird

Tony our love bird now has a new friend! Meet Yellow bird, our latest addition to the love bird family. At first I was beginning to wonder if they were gona get along but they finally broke the ice and are friends at last.

State of Emergency and New Dog

We finally got the big one, a snow storm that put us under a level 4 state of emergency. No vehicles except emergency vehicles allowed. It was quite a pile up. I called in work and pretty much just stayed snowed in this week.
We got a new dog named Chilito. He is a dachshund and baby just loves him! He fits in real well with the rest of the bunch. Top pic is Chilito the new dog and bottom is Baby. They have just made the best of friends!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Tires

Finally broke down and was going to get a new tire, bad news was I had two tires that had threads coming through and was bald. Not to mention by the time my car got to the shop I almost had a flat tire. That is what you call driving on a prayer! Thank God for watching over me and Paul for taking my car to get my tires put on today. My sister-n-law borrowed the new camera or I would take a picture and let you see how they looked!
The roads are getting cleaned off and I get to go back to work tomorrow. Looks like a new snowstorm is going to be hitting again this weekend. I just hopes it waits until my next day off. If not at least I have new tires to drive on and I wont feel like I am sledding home :)
On a good note, Endtimewatchman is back on the blogtalk radio on tuesday nights. A real encouragement and quite a blessing!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Storm Watch

I just read the weather report and looks like we are under a winter storm watch. We got a pretty good snow friday and I got to drive home from work in it. I had to keep my headlights on low so I could see what was left of the reflectors on the road. I drove about 30-35mph home. I did a 180 and then brought the car under control. Needless to say my heart was racing! I made it home now we are getting ready for the next big storm. I saw on the internet that there was a big explosion at the Kleen Power Plant in Connecticut. I will be following the story as it comes available.