Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Homeschool Field Trip Holiday World

We went to Holiday World yesterday for our Homeschool Summer Field Trip. Everyone had a blast and here are a few pics of the trip. Hope you like them.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little Lost Bird

I walked outside the door to find this little bird that had fallen by my house. It was making all kinds of noises but I didn't see the mother bird anywhere. We got some worms and smashed them up and fed it to the little bird and it was very thankful.

Laundry Day

It seems like almost every day is laundry day around here. I did four more loads today. Since my dryer broke I get to hang it all out on the line. That doesn't really bother me though because I get some exercise while I do the laundry. I Home schooled the kids, made a big kettle of beef and noodles today and had enough leftovers for tomorrow. I made a horse for sale sign also but that didn't go over well at all. I think they would rather sell me then the horse, go figure. I took a ride out in the country today trying to find a camper for sale or some land I might be able to buy on contract. No luck there. At the end of the day I broke down and ordered pizza. So much for saving money today. I will try harder tomorrow. Till then have a great day out there in blog land.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Time with Family

I must admit, I have had the best time at home this week with my family. I loved being a stay at home mom and I got spoiled this week. It was nice to not worry about heading to work. I actually got every room in the house picked up some. That is a chore when your a working mom. For me it is anyway, I run out of energy by the time I get home from work. I look forward to the day when I can stay at home with the kids again everyday!

Swine Flu on the Rise

I decided to check out the number of swine flu cases now in the world and got a big surpise. Almost 36,000 people now have been infected with the swine flu as of yesterday and the numbers continue to rise. I imagine before long the Dr. and hospitals are going to start running out of supplies to treat swine flu victims with. Time to figure out what can keep you from getting this in the first place. I suggest eat garlic. No one wants to be around anyone that smells like garlic so that would keep people away at the least.

Camping Trip

We finally made it to the yearly camping trip. We took the dogs and the horse this year. We found a patch of blackberries and stained our hands purple while we were there. One amazing thing it didn't rain! We did not get to go caving this year because Cave river valley is still closed, we used to have so much fun there. They still have the sign on the gate that says they were planning on opening in March but that never happened. Maybe next year.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garlic and Ticks

I have been researching on ways to keep the ticks away for our camping trip and it looks like garlic is one natural way to keep those ticks away. I fed the kids some garlic and ate some too. It is also great for keeping away the mosquitoes and fleas. So not only is garlic good for cooking but it is great as a natural repellent also. No worry about harmful chemicals that is hazardous to your health!

Tornado Watch

I don't think the camping trip is going to be today. One storm after another and now we are under a tornado watch. I wonder how all those people living in tent cities are handling the rain and storms, they have to to soaked. If you had some tarps that would help. Put tarps on the survival list if you have not already.

Ticks and the Woods

We spent one afternoon cleaning up our camp site trimming weeds and picking up sticks. The red ants and ticks are really bad this year. We got the grill all filled with sticks and now we just need to take out the camping supplies.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Finally vacation time has come, it has been a long year but I survived. We all talked it over and I guess we are planning a camping trip. The kids are so excited they cannot wait. The weather here is so nice as long as we don't get any thunderstorms this weekend we will be alright. I wanted to buy a camper but until I get the credit cards all paid off I guess we will be putting up a tent. Planning and preparing for the next few days. Oh did I say packing (the three p's.) I will be sure take lots of pictures to share with you all.

Summer Fun For The Family At Branson

After a long year's work it's time for some fun. This year why not consider a sizzling summer vacation at Branson Missouri. Leave the stress behind and head to Branson for entertainment and attractions the whole family will enjoy. While your there be sure to stay at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing and the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel connected to the heart of Historic Downtown Branson, Missouri. They make it so easy you can go right online at their site and make your reservations any time of day or night. This full service Hotel provides all the Amenities you need from High speed Internet access to a delightful swimming pool. All this from 159.00 a night. Enjoy waterfront shopping, dining and entertainment adventures at Branson Landing, located on the waterfront of beautiful Lake Taneycomo in downtown Branson. Take the kids to the Adventure Cove playground where they can have hours of fun. Family friendly comes to mind when I think about Branson Missouri. I remember when I was younger and dad took our family out to Missouri. My mom had to go visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum. We always watched Little House On the Prairie so that was one stop along our vacation we had to go see. I would like visit Missouri again and stay at the Hilton Hotel,visit nearby shops,enjoy the attractions including museums and relax in the hot tub. This time I'll take my family! We'll have memories that will last a lifetime!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Homestead blessings

Here is a great video with the West girls singing green beans in the garden. They are an inspiring group of singers. This is the ideal life of living in the country. One day I hope to live in the country too. I am sure you will enjoy the singing. Nothing like green beans in the garden and clothes on the line.

Published Credit Card Debt

I stayed up last night and decided to write again. I submitted my article to a company and it was published this morning. If you would like some helpful hints about paying off credit cards then visit Getting out of Debt and read my article. I will let you know that some of the advertisements surrounding my article I do not agree with, I had no say over that. They supplied their own ads. I just get paid for my article. So please click here so I can have more money to pay my credit card bills off. Every click helps! Tell everyone you know to come to this site and click on my getting out of debt article. They may get some use out of it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yard Sales and Black Widow Spiders Part 2

Meanwhile my older son had picked up the sheet and put it on the clothesline. I was going to wash it but did not want to bring it in until I had a chance to look it over real good to make sure there were no spiders. I started to get really tired so I decided to lay down and fell asleep for a few hours. After I woke up I looked at my finger and it was twice the size it should be and now my hand was starting to swell also. I could see the area where the poison was attacking and it was warm to the touch and turning red. I decided to take my husbands advice and put mud on my hand. So I sit with mud on my hand in pain and wished I would have put the mud on it earlier. My hand remained swollen for the rest of the night and I couldn't find the spider in the car I had saw earlier. I woke up the next day and I guess the mud helped. My swelling had went down and the pain was not as intense. I decided to check the sheet out to see if there were any more spiders on it but figured since it had been all night if there were any they would be gone by now. To my surprise I found a little spider, crawling across the sheet. I ran to the house and grabbed a canning jar found a lid and back out to the clothes line I went. I caught the spider and it was what I believe to be a baby black widow. I don't know how many more there were but I told my husband to take that sheet and burn it. But be very careful when doing so. So be sure when you are going out to yard sales to examine your purchases very closely. I wouldn't want any of you to get bit by a surprised hitchhiker.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Yard Sale Warning

I have been a yard sale addict for many years and My husband and I went to look at some land this weekend while on the way we saw a yard sale. I of course did my little yard sale yippee there's a yard sale, we will have to stop there on the way back! On the way back home we come by the yard sale and he pulled in. We got out looked around, bought a toe nail clipper for the dog for 50 cents and then started looking through the clothes, I found a nice sheet and asked how much for the sheet. 50 cents she said. After looking at sheet prices in the store I knew this was a great deal so I bought the sheet and we headed home. After we pulled in all the kids had already got out of the car and I picked up the sheet to bring in and when I looked down I saw something black crawling in my car, within a few seconds I starting feeling stabbing pain burning in my finger by my wedding ring. It hurt so bad I ran to the house and grabbed a pack of sausage out of the freezer and applied it to my finger. This was some terrible pain,and then my finger started swelling in no time. I took my wedding ring off and my finger pretty much doubled in size. My husband said put some mud on it that will pull the poison out from the sting. I said I didn't get stung and there was not any bee, all I seen was a little spider crawling and it wasn't on me it was crawling in my car. * To be continued*