Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cave River Valley Closed

That family fun get away Cave River Valley has a big sign on the gate and is now closed. According to the Banner Publications "CaveRiverValley presented a wonderful opportunity for The Nature Conservancy to preserve critical habitat for several cave species and the threatened Indiana bat,” said Mary McConnell, state director for the Conservancy’s Indiana Chapter. “Areas that contain populations of both Indiana bats and northern cavefish are extremely rare and therefore the protection of these areas present us with a nearly unparalleled opportunity for cave conservation in Indiana. Equally important is the additional recreation opportunities this land will provide to Hoosiers for generations to come.” In recent years CaveRiverValley has become increasingly important for hibernating Indiana bats. Prior to 1990 few Indiana bats were known to hibernate here, but since that time the number has grown significantly. By 2007, almost 1,700 Indiana bats were found here along with an additional 1,500 little brown bats and 200 bats of other species. EndlessCave is the eighth most important Indiana bat hibernaculum in the state and the second largest little brown bat hibernaculum. The Division of State Parks and Reservoirs is applying for Indiana Heritage Trust funds that will allow the DNR to purchase the property from The Nature Conservancy in the coming months. Financial partners include The Nature Conservancy, the DNR’s Divisions of Nature Preserves and Fish and Wildlife, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The Nature Conservancy will transfer the property to the Division of State Parks and Reservoirs in the coming months. Spring Mill State Park will be assuming temporary management during this process. “The DNR understands the significance of this site, both from a natural heritage perspective and from a human perspective,” said Ginger Murphy from the Division of State Parks and Reservoirs. “We want to provide recreational access for the caving community, but we are also accepting responsibility for managing the unique and fragile natural communities at the site.” Caving will be allowed on the property, but the site will be temporarily closed, as all partners further assess the management needs and plan the work needed to reopen it next year. " I am sure that this will be a good thing and look forward to spending time with my family there again. Hopefully by March 2009 they will be open and we can visit our summer vacation spot again.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Canning Peaches

We are going to be canning peaches today! Our trees done well this year and we praise the Lord for it! We will be selling peach trees again next year, Lord willing.

Paying Off Debt

I paid another 250.00 to one of my credit cards today. I know it was alot but I want to get this paid and out of the way! It was due today and I had enough to cover it, but the next two weeks are going to be slim. I spent over 200.00 at walmart on the kids stuff and groceries,canning supplies ect. So We should be good for 2 weeks, I think the only thing I will have to buy is milk and gas so we will get through. I only have 3 more payments on this credit card and it will be paid! I still over 6550.69 on my car, but at least the payments are up to date as of this moment! I ask that you pray I will have strength to get all these bills paid and a spirit of protection over my children while I do so. I will owe for 3 more credit cards that I will attack one at a time when I get the last three payments made on this one. Praise God for opening my eyes to see the mess I was in and being able to have a job to pay it off. Even though the days seem long and I get weak he is still there to give me the strength I need. But I sure miss staying at home with my kids! My advice to everyone is if you have a credit card, get rid of it, pay it off. Dont get in the same situation I did. Or you will pay way more than what you actually spent!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


What a great day indeed! We went to church at Old Paths Baptist Church today and it was great! I really enjoyed talking with others that truly love the Lord! Afterwards we went out to eat and then stopped at a yard sale on the way home, lo and behold guess what they had at the yard sale, a food dehydrator! Just what I was looking for. I bought it for 4.00! Now we have peaches in the dehydrator and can't hardly wait till they get done!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather Flock together, as the old saying goes! Surround yourself with good happy people and you will be happy. People that like to gripe all the time only bring you down. Smile, be happy, let your happiness rub off and be blessed to know that you are a child of God! His chosen.
Speaking of birds I got some new birds that I will try to post photos of soon, gotta work today so it will not be today, they are so cute!!! I plan on doing a unit study on the different types of birds we have with the kids. It should be fun! They have been watching videos about birds and really enjoy them. One of them will fly and sit right on top of your head! Too cute!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Who knows what tomorrow brings

Hope you are having a great day, I am drinking my coffee getting ready to go to work again, I worked all weekend, Friday we started school so I have been too busy to blog. Busy as a bee! I see there is a hurricane heading toward Florida, Russia troops are supposed to be pulling out today, who knows what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

War is not over yet!

Did you see the BREAKING NEWS — Russians have bombed and looted the city of Gori. No it's not over yet, and you better be ready because it is not good. Gather canned food, store up enough water for your family and be prepared, for you never know what may be coming to a city near you. Oh and if you have lots of money, my suggestion would be get it out of the banking system, when all the computers crash then your gonna be flat broke if you aren't holding back. Is this world war 3? Be sure your ducks are in a row and get saved today!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What's with the weather?

This weather is unbelievable, it has been so nice the last few days like it is already fall. If I didn't know any better I would think it was October. I am saving on my electric bill because we shut the air conditioner off and opened the window. It's so nice to wake up to fresh air.
3 days till school starts, I am so excited I can't hardly wait! We have our schoolroom almost finished. Well I have alot to do today, I also have to work so I must go and you all have a nice day in blogland!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

World War III

Are we at the beginning of WWIII? What are your thoughts? Are you prepared? Where will you go, and what will you do? Are you saved? Do you know Jesus as your savior? GET READY!!! Be saved oh tonight!!! The signs are here, the stage is set, the bride of Christ is awaiting! Woe to those who don't know the Lord Jesus as their savior!

Bank Card

Wow, I mysteriously found my bank card in my wallet! Thank God!

2 days off

Well this is the last of my two days off. I got two birthday cakes made and got to rest yesterday. I have alot to do this afternoon because I traded days with someone at work so I have to go back tomorrow and I will get Wednesday off. I am working on my blog alittle bit, I was ready for something different, tired of looking at the pink page so hope you like the new layout.
5 days till the first day of school, we are getting ready for that too. I have to pay my tithes,and make my car payment today. We went shopping at goodwill and got Addie some cute little dresses for what one would cost at a retail store. I also got a volcano 2 stove that you can cook on in case of emergency or if you go camping. I got it for 10.00. With the world in chaos it will come in handy Im sure!

Monday, August 4, 2008


It's almost birthday time again. We have 2 birthdays this week! A 20yr old and a 2 year old! I have to work today and tomorrow then it will be birthday cooking time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bank Card

Ok, I am on a mission, one of my bank cards have come up missing. So did my kids accidently pull it out of my purse when they were getting a piece of gum or did I loose it pulling something out of my purse along the way, or did someone take it? I have searched my purse over and over and no bank card, hopefully I will run across it soon. I have to get ready for work again, and I have alittle time before I get ready. I talked to my sister last night who has been very sick and I want you all to keep her in your prayers!! I guess I will blog more later, looks like company is here.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Back to work

I had a day off and now its back to work again. I got 6 quarts of peaches froze. There are more to freeze but I don't have time to today. Not sure when my next day off is but I know I will be ready. I have people wanting to buy my peaches so if I have some left over I may be able to sell some. I was able to give some of my neighbors some too! Have a great day!