Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Learn to Barter

When times are tough everyone learns you gotta do what you gotta do and a real great way to help out families in need is to barter.  I am sure in the days we are living there will be a lot more bartering going on.  When work is scarce and money is hard to come by sometimes you can trade what you have for something you need that someone else might want to trade you for.  For example:  We run a small glass company in a little town and recently traded some glass work for this year's wood supply.  We got what we needed and the other company got what they needed.  It's a win win situation. Try it sometime and enjoy the freedom of living off the grid.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boil water advisory Burn Ban Lifted

From what I am reading the local paper said the Washington County commissioners have finally lifted the burn ban.  We can finally get some of this stuff cleaned up around here.  Looks like there is a boil water advisory for part of the town too so not sure what all is going on with that.  Worked yesterday getting items ready for a yard sale.  I really need to get rid of alot of clothes and misc and can hopefully make a few bucks while doing it.  Dad came over to visit yesterday and brought me some more yard sale stuff to make a few bucks on so now I just have to figure out where I am going to come up with some more tables.  We took a Soliday Holiday yesterday and I am sure everyone who is related can figure that one out.  Back to the drawing board today though and school as usual.

Monday, August 20, 2012

When are they gona lift the burn ban

It seems like a long summer since they have enforced the no burn ban in our county.  You hear call after call of people reporting other people because they are trying to burn some trash and our county has been under this burn ban way too long.  It is raining tonight so be some chance they could lift it soon.  It really makes it bad on people who are used to burning their own trash.  This whole neighborhood just seems like it is going crazy.  People threatening people yelling and screaming and I thought I was pretty much in the country but just not country enough for me.  I want some peace and quiet and I am done with all the crazy people that want to cause trouble.  What can I say but I really just don't like this little town.  I couldn't imagine living in a big city.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

School has started

It's that time of year and School has officially started.  Our Home School begin on Thursday last week so we have two days in so far.  It started out a little crazy but all ended well.  The next day went a lot smoother and the kids were studying hard.  It has finally cooled down a bit so much as at night we have to keep the windows shut to keep the cold out.  Sure beats those 100 degree days we were having.  We have another new Cockatiel to add to the group.  The baby birds are growing and more eggs are ready to hatch.  It has been a great year for the birds around here.  I counted over thirty chickens the other day and the children love playing the catch chicken game.  The new puppies are running around the yard eating good and are old enough to make it on their own but the children do not want to give them away.  They have too much fun with them!  It's off to house cleaning and coupon cutting I go but here is a wrap up of whats been happening in my little world!